BAMA Spa was founded by Dr. Verdi and Mr. Bazzini (father-in-law) in 1973, taking the production of a firmer firm "Antonio Bazzini", specialized in cutting and punching tools.

Already in 1959 A.B. produced a very symple pack-to-pack collator for two packs and length glue. Later, the production of crimp-lock machines (5/6 per year) was started.

When Dr. Verdi joined the firm, he changed its focus. In 1974, Bama strongly believed in computer forms and put in production the first Mini Crimp, a numbering machine and a Mini Duplex.

In the new plant, 2500sq. metres, new computer-controlled tool machines were installed between 1975 and 1978 and the first Rapide was put in production. This model was a new generation pack collator with Cobeflex system (patented), crimp, glue, numbering and file hole units.

In 1980, the production of the 2000 M was started. "M" is for "modular". It means that the customer can buy the basic machine and, in a second time, transform it with all the additional units he needs.

In 1990 , BAMA 3000, was presented in Drupa. Also that machine, as well as all our models, is completely modular with all the registers for paper. In it, you have Spiral Folder with continuous belt delivery table, "L/L" crimp-lock unit and optionally length gluing units, cross gluing unit, file hole unit and numbering unit for CMC7 and MICR numbering printing.

Today the BAMA 3000 pack collator is the most sold model in Europe and includes also a Data Mailer unit and a cross cutter for the production of A4/A3 size sheets.

In 1998 the last model, BAMA EURO, was presented in Grafitalia. It is a versatile pack collator which replaces both RAPIDE and 2000 M and is available in two basic versions: with Vertical Folder and with Spiral Folder. Moreover, it can be equipped with all the additional units available for the two old models.

Last Bama novelty is the new roll collator, type B 3000, presented for the first time during Drupa 2000 exhibition.

From 1982 to 1999, about 1850 Bama pack collators have been sold worldwide, more than 300 of those in South East Asia and approx. 60 in China.

Moreover, Bama sells its products through subsidiaries in Germany, in France, in England, in Switzerland, in Asia, in China, in Brazil and in the United Arab Emirates, with which we have serious and efficient business relations. In other countries, our equipment is sold under private label.

In addition to producing pack collators, Bama builds the Cobeflex Unit for the adhesive tape, both as a single or double unit for two-up production, to be inserted in the Bielomatik P 600 roll collator.

In 1995, the two Dr. Verdi's sons, Antonio and Francesco, joined the company and they will go on with Bama's activity.

Bama organization includes commercial and account departments, project engineers working on CAD systems and production plant.